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Disability - Education - Out of Home Care - Aged Care - Justice 

Providing Therapeutic Behaviour Support Services for People of all ages and abilities who engage in concerning and complex behaviour

Please note that CBC has established a waitlist for Specialist Services, especially Therapeutic Behaviour Support Services, in all regions of Victoria.  Current wait times vary between 1 - 6 months depending on area.  Depending on need CBChange may provide a brief interim service to ensure safety or report restrictive practices pending allocation. 

Taking positive behaviour support to the next level...

therapeutic behaviour support

First there was Applied Behaviour Analysis, this evolved to become Positive Behaviour Support,  now  CBChange is proud to introduce Therapeutic Behaviour Support, the next evolution in behavior support! 
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what makes us different

Staff receive training in the BASIC System™ as part of our Inspiring Practice Series

The BASIC System™ is a fully integrated and systematic person-centred and trauma informed approach to Therapeutic Behaviour Support.  It is a new and unique system of practice developed by CBChange, informed by the NDIS Commission Behaviour Support Capability Framework, applicable across settings and sectors.  

 Working collaboratively using evidence informed best practice, we seek to foster positive and
sustainable transformative change. 

our range of specialist services

CBChange provides a wide range of specialist services for children, young people and adults and those who care for and support them.  We provide support the continuum of community service sector including disability, education, out of home care, justice, aged care.  We also support organisations to grow and develop their practice. 


Consultation is the opportunity for staff, carers and families to gain insight into a person's complex needs or complex situation as the basis for thinking about what to do next. This can occur at the agency, residential service, or in the carer's home.  Secondary consultation is available for professionals.


We provide a range of clinical and behavioural assessments tailored to need (e.g. Functional Behaviour Assessment, risk assessment).  All assessments include a feedback report and consultation session to provide a summary of the findings and recommendations.


Following on from assessment we can support the development of an individualised and achievable intervention plan tailored to context (e.g. Therapeutic Intervention Plan, Behaviour Support Plan - Interim or Comprehensive BSP).


We provide a range of therapeutic services for children, young people, adults and families for a range of issues, tailored to meet their needs.  We also support the development of a therapeutic web around a person and support the therapeutic integration of everyday activities. 


We constantly review the services we provide and complete review reports as needed.  We can also facilitate service/program reviews aimed at enhancing an organisation's ability to deliver innovative practice. 

mentoring & coaching

To support successful intervention and to bridge the gap between training/planning and practice, we provide coaching and mentoring services to help staff and families affect sustainable change.


In addition to coaching and mentoring we provide specialist supervision, centred around the process of reflective practice, for range of professionals including behaviour support practitioners.


Our team of practitioners are trained in our very own model of therapeutics.  Many also have specialist training in a wide range of therapeutic approaches.  

cbchange consultancy services

specialist Therapeutic support solutions 

The team at CBChange have a wealth of knowledge and experience in supporting transformative change for people who engage in complex concerning behaviour and/or offending behaviour

forensic disability

CBChange is able to provide a range of services to support people with a disability involve in or at risk of involvement in the criminal justice system including assessment (risk/FBA), support planning, direct intervention, step down planning, staff training, critical incident debriefing, and more.


Supporting schools to respond to student behaviour, CBChange can provide everything from comprehensive functional behaviour assessments, staff training in responding to behaviour concerns, and coaching and mentoring of teaching staff in our Therapeutic Positive Behaviour Support.

out of home care

CBChange can work with carers across a range of settings including foster care, residential care, kinship care and permanent care to understand and respond to the behaviour difficulties of children who have experienced developmental trauma.  As therapeutic specialists we can play a key role in supporting the care team to create a therapeutic milieu that supports healing. 

Meet our behaviour support  team


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registered ndis provider

Specialist Behaviour Support Service

We are registered as a provider of therapeutic support and behaviour support for NDIS participants.  Our staff complete training in the NDIS Commissions Code of Conduct and are registered as Behaviour Support Practitioners with the NDIS Commission. 

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