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about us


To provide products and services that inspire people, create community, and foster inclusion

WE are inspiring people!

We Hold Others in Mind with Compassion and Understanding
We provide valued services to people of all ages and all abilities. We are guided by our purpose and values in all we do, we put our participants first, working with passion, commitment and innovation to help others to realise their hopes and dreams.

- Our vision -

Our 25-Year Big Hairy Audacious Goal (BHAG)
To be the most people centric organisation in existence, unwaveringly holding others in mind with compassion and understanding, cocreating an inclusive future for all.

- our values -


At CBChange we hold others in mind with Compassion and understanding.


We act with Courage, challenging the status quo and advocating for the needs of vulnerable people.


It’s all about Connection, we seek to relate with transparency, dignity and respect.


We show our Character by doing our best in all that we do, holding ourselves accountable for results and striving for always do better.


Most of all we value Cocreation, working with others to achieve lasting and meaningful change.

we promote and protect human rights


- our manifesto -

Here’s to the dreamers. The fearless. The determined. The innovators. Creators of beauty in life.

The passionate ones who motivate others. They do not accept limits. Nor do they care for what others think about them. You can praise them, criticise them, love them, fear them, accept or reject them.

About the only thing you can’t do is stop them. Because they change lives. They support. They care. They strive. They challenge. They inspire. They push the limits of their own potential and inspire others to do the same.

- our Executive group -

The CBChange Executive works together to coordinate activities of CBChange towards the provision of safe and quality services and to ensure the growth and development of the organisation consistent with its purpose, mission, vision and values.

Rachel o'dowd

Manager People & Practice

Chloe Wilson

Manager Business Operations

Stephanie Pickering

Manager Training & Therapeutics

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