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DONUT is about creating communities of care and support around an individual and assisting them to personally, socially, and creatively grow!

DONUT in the Studio, at Home, and in the Community

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DONUT Studios

DONUT Studios is located in Bendigo and services the community of Central Victoria. 

In home support

Supporting people in their home to live an independent life across Victoria.

Community support

Supporting people to access their community and participant in community life across Victoria.

DONUT Studios

Located in Bendigo Victoria


DONUT studios

Create your life

DONUT Studios is a community-focused disability support program driven to providing a person-centred, holistic approach to assisting individuals with NDIS funding to personally, socially, and creatively grow and flourish.  DONUT Studios is located in Bendigo and services the community of Central Victoria.  Click this link to visit us on Facebook


Servicing all Victoria and border areas of Southern NSW


DONUT in home & community

Live your life

We work together with you, and those important to you to create life-changing opportunities. Through our intensive 24/7 support, our highly skilled carers promote your individual development and empower you to live a meaningful life.  DONUT Supports are progressively expanding services across Victoria.  Click this link to visit us on Facebook

about DonUT studios

A quick introductory video to DONUT Studios... enjoy!

about DonUT supports

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What I love about donut studios

"I like being Mr Promoter Head and I like being important.  DONUT Studio rocks and they're like family"
"I get lots of help with paintings and drawing and I enjoy all the people that are here"
It's friendly, inclusive... I love the karaoke and the free cups of tea [laughs]"

Create & Live Your Life!

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